Christian Therapist Profile


Dr. Susan Haberkorn is an ordained, non-denominational minister who provides holistic Christian wellness services, including professional Christian counseling, natural health assessments, and bio-energetic testing.

Specializing in counseling women. We also offer:
~Marriage and pre-marriage counseling
~Parent & child (children over age 7)
~Grief and Loss counseling
~Temperament Analysis

Counseling is available in person and by secure, HIPAA-compliant video link.

Dr. Haberkorn's credentials:

Doctor of Pastoral Science and Medicine, Pastoral Medical Association, 2017
Ph.D., Clinical Pastoral Counseling, Colorado Theological Seminary, 2015
Advanced Diploma in Natural Health, New Eden School of Natural Health, 2017
LIcensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, National Christian Counselors Association, since 2011
Ordained MInister of Pastoral Care, National Conservative Christian Church, since 2010

My Christian Faith and My Professional Practice

The Bible teaches that men and women are made in the image of God, and that each person is comprised of body (physical body with its processes and senses), soul (the mind, will and emotions), and the spirit (the life-principle that came from God). As a Christian counselor, I cannot separate any of these elements as if a person somehow were divided into three compartments to be handled independently of one another. By faith I seek to underscore the intrinsic, holistic value of each person as a creation of God and to counsel to the needs of their body, soul and spirit.

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