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    I help people get healthy and successful through counseling, coaching and interventions. My specialties include anxiety, depression and addictions.

    With over 20 years experience helping people have major breakthroughs, find healing and achieve their goals I sincerely believe I can help you or your loved one. I have a strong reputation for giving my clients practical tools to improve whatever situation they are in.

    I have supervised the counseling programs at both Mariner's Church and The Crossing Church and launched and led numerous successful support programs for anxiety and depression, bipolar disorder, divorce recovery, parenting, blended families, codependency, grief, addiction and more.

    Board Certified Pastoral Counselor
    Certified Intervention Professional
    Certified Professional Coach
    Certified Recovery Coach
    Certified Christian Life Coach
    Certified Christian Counselor
    Licensed and Ordained Pastor
    Certified Wellness Coach

    I see clients in both Laguna Niguel and Costa Mesa. My clients include therapists, physicians, CEOs, business owners, as well as everyday people looking to break free from addiction, anxiety, depression or lack of purpose in life.

    I have over 20 years experience guiding clients to major breakthroughs, healing and achievement of their goals. My experience includes the supervising counseling programs at both Mariner's Church and The Crossing Church including the counselors and therapists who worked in those programs. I was honored to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award voted on by peers in the mental health and addiction industry.

    Specialties include:
    Addiction/Substance Use Disorder
    Interventions for Addictions and Mental Health
    Marriage Counseling
    Pre-marital Counseling
    Divorce Recovery
    Helping Clients Find Purpose
    Coaching Therapists

    I am also the president of CarePossible, Inc. which is a nonprofit foundation focused on providing mental health and addiction treatment to low income and military families. For information on assistance please visit

    Additionally, I am the pastor and leader of the nationally acclaimed recovery program Lifelines which meets Fridays at The Crossing in Costa Mesa.

    Why I Became a Professional Christian Therapist

    My passion is helping others learn that there are healthier ways to do life and relationships. My life's mission is to offer help, hope and healing to those struggling with life's difficulties.

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