Are You Ready for Marriage?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014 @ 1:07 PM

Marriage is perhaps the biggest step a couple can take forward, so it’s understandable that a great deal of anxiety would be incorporated into this decision. Here at Wholly Ignited, we typically see a great number of Christian couples who are wondering if they’re ready to move forward into marriage.

Many couples debate the merits of cohabitation prior to the wedding. To them, it makes sense that a trial period of living together as a couple will help them identify any larger issues they should address before marriage. However, as this article published by Patheos discusses, there are plenty of reasons why couples should think twice about this living situation.

As the writer points out, the act of marriage creates a starting point from which both parties in a couple can build trust in each other. Without this promise of fidelity, it becomes much easier for one person in a couple to be swayed by forces outside of the relationship. The trust of marriage is what begets commitment to each other.

It also becomes very easy to take the relationship for granted. Living in the physical intimacy of a significant other without the spiritual or emotional commitment of marriage is somewhat like trying to have your cake and eat it too. Physical gratification within the marriage involves a completely different level of commitment that will never truly be there in cohabiting, unmarried couples.

Marriage may be a profession of love, but the commitment of the relationship is something that both parties will have to work on together throughout their lives. As the writer of the above article points out, just as baptism is an affirmation of salvation, but a salvation which the baptized individual must work towards, marriage affirms love but sustaining peace and harmony in the relationship takes work. If you feel ready to live with your significant other, then you should think about whether it might be time to consider taking the steps towards marriage

Mack Harris