Benefit of Telehealth Services

Saturday, May 27, 2023 @ 9:16 AM

I would like to discuss a topic that is often talked about by many yet gained commitment by few. The topic is the benefits of telehealth. When the pandemic began, it often felt like the world had shut down, which was very devastating for those in need of mental health services. Even as a counselor, there were times where I would look forward to meeting with my therapist in person and open about how I had been dealing with life's issues. Being in a confidential space to share thoughts that I would not share with others was something I looked forward to. Initially, the concept of telehealth revealed to me how traditional I had become in that approach.

Today, I can honestly say that it feels great knowing that I can go to a quiet place in my home without needing to use fuel in my vehicle and instead my phone or laptop. However, with the pandemic finally at an end, there are still many other individuals that would prefer the in-person experience to feel the genuineness of the counselor. What is often underestimated is the counselor's ability to pay attention detail and read the individual's body language and non-verbal communication just as well as if they were meeting in the office. Therapy at times requires evolution from both perspectives for the counseling relationship to be effective. I look forward to offering that approach to tomorrow's individuals in need of services.

By: Hiawatha Clemons, RIC