Elisha's Space New Episode: Fatherwound

Tuesday, December 13, 2022 @ 7:16 PM

The father wound refers to having an absent father, whether it be physically or emotionally absent, or he may be abusive mentally, verbally, or physically and how it impacts you and your relationships. We have this conversation with Giji Mischel Dennard who has shared the message of Hungry for Wholeness as the opening keynote speaker for two Father-Shift Conferences, a visiting speaker at churches and Job Corps, and as a guest on several podcast and radio broadcasts. Giji also developed a workshop with the same title where she helps wounded sons, daughters, and fathers begin the healing process through three foundational steps—recognize, repent and release, and receive.

Giji shares her story of how she received healing from her father wound and how it has transformed her life. Join us for this very important discussion.