Find Your Passion and Never Hate Mondays Again!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016 @ 2:56 PM

Why is it that most people just don't seem to like Mondays? Mondays represent the beginnings of a new day of the work week and for many of us we dread another week of work. We wish the week ends would go on and on and we could continue to play or do whatever we were doing during the weekends. Maybe we have to get up early on Mondays and we hate getting up early. We look forward to sleeping in on the weekends when we don't have to work. How horrible to be in a job that you dread going to. I've been there. It saps all the life out of you. It drains the energy out if you. And you begin to look like poor Garfield in the picture. Who wants to live life like that? That is no way to live.

So what do you do? I think you have to make a decision first of all that you don't want to live that way no matter how great that paycheck might be, how great those benefits are or whatever the reasons are that are keeping you in that job that feels more like a prison than a blessing. You have to look for what your passion(s) is (or are) and go for that. That will make you feel energized and alive. You will feel like you have a purpose to be doing what you have a passion for, even if you don't make a lot of money at it. And strangely enough if you have passion for it you probably will make money at it. And more than likely you will be good at it too because if you have a passion for it you will put the time and energy into it and that means you will be learning and doing and excelling. Wow how can you lose!

Now, you'll never hate Mondays again. I am self employed. I look at my job completely different than maybe a lot of people. I went on a horse camping trip recently, and don't get me wrong-I LOVE horse camping trips and would love to be out there all the time, but I also LOVE my job too, so when we got back my friend called me after I got back to work and said "So how does it feel to be back to work after the trip?". I immediately thought "Oh it is wonderful I am sooo glad to have clients to see", but then I hesitated and thought "oh no, I think he wants to hear that I am sad to be back away from the trip" and so I wasn't sure what to say for a minute. I can't really remember what I ended up saying. But I don't hate Mondays. Of course, I take Mondays off. But, I don't hate Tuesdays, either, because I enjoy the opportunity I am given to work and be around the clients I have. I have a passion and I am doing it. Find your passion and do it!