For Testosterone's Sake…Save your Money!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015 @ 3:16 PM

 For several years, I have noticed the increase of television commercials promoting low testosterone medications in many forms--patches, tablets, creams, and even, injections.  Without a doubt, a variety of factors involved with taking the drug exists, such as long-acting, short-acting doses, differing prices, and,  most certainly, the possible side effects.  Naturally, what I did not hear mentioned were some common life circumstances or behaviors attributed to lowering testosterone levels.  Would not that information come in handy?

One such behavior that is greatly associated with the lowering of testosterone levels is the use of drugs--legal, illicit, prescribed, over-the-counter--including two of the world's mainstays, alcohol and nicotine.  It was not surprising to learn of marijuana's impact as well.  While most of my understanding was gained during my studies, the internet proved to be a very accurate source of facts on the matter.  Check it out! 

​So what about the money savings?  It appears to me that the two sides of the same coin, the same coin being the drug industry, are laughing all the way to the bank; those selling the drugs that lower the testosterone and those selling the drugs that increase the testosterone.  It would be a misnomer to call them "strange" bedfellows.  If they are making the money, then who is losing the money? 

Here are a few tips on ways to save your money:
  1. Work to eliminate the use of all illicit and unnecessary drugs.  That will save you a boat load of money and diminish the lowering of testosterone in the meantime.
  2. Naturally, Tip #1 will create a savings from money previously spent on Low T medication.

  3. Look into some natural ways to increase ​testosterone, such as, losing weight, sufficient Vitamin D, eating more raw nuts, such as almonds or pecans, as well as, consuming olives and olive oil, and coconuts and coconut oils.
  4. Develop habits that will improve your overall health, reduce stress, and support heart health, such as aerobics and weight training exercises, sufficient sleep, adequate water intake, getting fresh air, etc.  Along with the lessening of risky side-effects from Tips #1 and #2, these habits will help you save on overall medical expenses.

I am sure you can find even more ways to save.  Feel free to share some with us!

Try the priceless experience of living drug-free!

For Testosterone's sake…  Change your habits!  Live healthier!  Save your money!