Give Your Addiction to God Daily

Friday, August 5, 2016 @ 10:57 AM

A question I have been asked as a counselor is, ‘what does it feel like when a person finds freedom from bondage to an addiction.’ Over the past few months we have considered statistics for the increase in divorce as well as the decline in natural affection. One cause for these and other problems is the various addictions people face. Therefore, the question merits consideration.

There are two important points vital to understanding addiction. First, addicts are controlled by their addiction. Almost every moment they are awake is spent thinking about how and when they will get their next fix. Even when addicts get ‘clean’ the addiction is still there. It remains part of who they are. They receive peace, in that, they don’t need it anymore, but they will always want it. Feelings of guilt and shame for their past can remain and diminish their joy.

If an addict gives their shame and guilt to God, they are able to think about it less. Satan will, however, continue to temp them occasionally. He tempted Jesus who was God in the Flesh. Even as a human, Jesus had all the power in existence over Satan! He could have just spoken the words and destroyed Satan at that very moment; Satan knew this, yet still temped Jesus.

Knowing that, can you think of a reason why Satan would not temp us every moment he can? A recovering addict’s advantage comes in learning how to shut Satan off and not listen to his reminders of the shame and guilt of their past. The key is concentration on truth. The truth is they are no longer guilty and have no reason for shame, because they are forgiven.

Second, consider the Apostle Paul, a man visited by Jesus in a very powerful way and responsible for leading countless numbers to Him even still today. . As you think about this Man of God and all the good he did read Romans 7:14-25.

We don’t know what sin Paul was struggling with; it could have been pride, or lusting after women, or any number of things. Whatever it was, it weighed heavily on his heart, evidenced by his being troubled over it. The point is, if you are looking for a defining moment where you are finally free, it isn’t going to happen. You will struggle daily, to some extent, for the rest of your life. Your ONLY solution is to give it to God every day, knowing, as Paul did, you may give in to temptation sometimes and you will always struggle with it. The problem isn’t just giving in to temptation, it is also the struggle and trying to fight it by your own will. Overcoming has nothing to do with you, but everything to do with calling on the power of the Holy Spirit to fight against Satan’s influence.