God is Listening 33 Days of Praying with Scriptures

Monday, March 7, 2022 @ 4:25 PM

Some people find it difficult to pray or read the Bible. Some, even find it intimidating. Nartarsha, wants you to know that she can relate. Although she grew up in the church, there was a time, she was afraid to pray. She didn't feel worthy to pray, nor read the scriptures in God's Holy Word. Now, she has written this day-by-week prayer guide, to encourage anyone. You can read this, praying and asking God to bring you closer to Him. God wants to hear from you. He wants to speak to you in so many ways, and yes, God is Listening Nartarsha has witnessed many miracles, by praying and reading the Bible daily. This allows her to discover the many blessings, as well as testimonies, that God has for her, and those she prays for. In this book, she shares some of those prayers, in hopes that you too will discover all that God has for you and those you pray for.