How to Have a Better Relationship Using these Techniques

Wednesday, May 11, 2016 @ 2:24 PM

In sports there are techniques one needs to learn to become proficient to perform well. But even with techniques it may not give you the best edge for the "perfect shot". According to most expert golfers the course management plays a role in how well one can do. So what is course management and how does that affect outcomes for success? Knowledge of course management could take one from an amateur to a pro golfer.

To calculate the best course management and to provide golfers the best opportunity to do well consider the following five criteria represented by the acronym SPEED.

S tatus of the turf
P rincipal resources
E nvironmental conditions
E xpertise of the golfers
D esign

There are also other variables that need to be calculated to ensure accuracy in the movement of the ball. Variables such as weather conditions along with the wind velocity could alter the balls movement and produce an undesirable outcome.

Let us now look at how intentional relationship management can bring us to a successful and how we can use S.P.E.E.D. to navigate the potential sandpits and other obstacles that come with all couples.

S tatus of the Relationship: Are we in content mode or in conflict?
P rincipal Resources: Mentors, church support group, stress relievers etc.
E nvironmental Conditions: Dual parent income household, time management problems,family, career and work stressors.
E xpertise: Is our knowledge base sufficient to navigate issues? Do we need an expert in relationship dynamics?
D esign: What is the vision of our marriage? What's our plan for the future?

Utilizing SPEED can fast forward a relationship into a much more positive experience by gaining knowledge for better navigation of difficult events encountered. The knowledge provides a proactive approach and create preventative measures to offset unforeseen events creating healthier communication in the relationship. Knowledge in relationships is powerful and provides confidence in managing the course of the relationship.

In relationships, much like golfing, achieving a great relationship requires couples to be flexible, willing and committed to working with their partner. The "perfect shot" will come when the players have gained knowledge, repetitive practice and a plan to offset the variables that affect performance. The unforeseen variables such as family, job, career changes can be navigated with the right education and support.

Put your relationship on the fast pace course where the green is always greener with good relationship.