How to Have an Extraordinary Marriage

Wednesday, May 11, 2016 @ 5:37 PM

Marriage can take on many different styles because it involves different people from different walks of life. Imagine for a moment, if one decided to have a marriage that was extraordinary.

Extraordinary means to have something beyond the ordinary. So, what is considered ordinary? Ordinary could be having a marriage that kinda does the same thing over and over. In some situations having the same thing over and over can be a great thing. Lets just say that your spouse tells you "I love you" before leaving to go to work. Or maybe you both kiss hello and goodbye to each other. Those kind of ordinary or repetitive actions speak volumes of your relationship and what's important to you both.

Consider some other ordinary practice that may not be as good. Your spouse comes home and immediately turns on the TV and sits down without a hello. Your partner works late every night during the week and busy on weekends with friends. Dating your spouse seemed to disappear after marriage. Some ordinary practices take on a whole new meaning.

Having an extraordinary marriage takes 3 things; time, energy and consistency. Time is the only asset we have that spells love to others in our lives . Spending time with someone or taking the time to show love and respect in the ways they like spells love to them. Time is traded for other commodities such as money, sports, status but not all things will yield a lasting positive permanent result. In order to have the blue ribbon marriage one must choose to conserve time and energy and use it consistently to create that winning marriage.

Energy also has a value that can be brought at a price. Most have learned to trade money for someone else's energy or time to gather more time for oneself. We quickly learn the value and trade-offs involved.

Consistency is probably the most difficult aspect of this concept due to the fact that habits are not easily formed or broken. Consistently doing the thing to make it a winning marriage takes effort and a plan. Planning ahead will give more time and energy to build
Looking at these factors and planning for success will yield a winning marriage that can give you both that "Blue Ribbon of an Extraordinary Marriage!