Poor Divorce Excuses

Tuesday, September 23, 2014 @ 1:09 PM

Remaining in a committed relationship as a Christian couple is not supposed to be a simple task. Relationships force us to grow and accept new challenges, and that often requires us to handle a healthy amount of conflict, especially when children are involved.

Wholly Ignited has worked with couples from all backgrounds to help them build a faith in their own relationship based upon spiritual values. Contrary to what many of our readers may have believed growing up, seeking out marital counseling is completely normal and often leads to a deeper enjoyment of the marriage for both man and wife. It is not a weak person who seeks counsel, but a wise person. It is very liberating to admit you don’t have it all together!

Without proper guidance, it’s easy for humans to be led astray, even when they feel they may be heeding the will of God. This article published by Charisma News even discusses a number of ways that Christians can rationalize such a poor decision as divorce by misinterpreting their spiritual faith.

Some facing marital strife argue that they were too young when they made the decision to marry. Although marriage is an important point in a person’s adulthood, it is one more step in a person’s overall maturity and does not instantly mean that a person is an adult. Often, a husband and wife learn what it means to be an adult through their relationship. At any age, marriage is the most challenging relationship we will ever have, and also the most rewarding and fulfilling when we honor each other by becoming less selfish over time.

Similarly, it doesn’t make sense to leave a relationship because arguments have increased. That may be a sign that you both need to work on your communication skills, and it’s not a problem that would simply go away with a different spouse. Remember, wherever you go…you take yourself along, with all your baggage! Some people cite family issues, but it’s a person’s responsibility to leave their parents and enter into a relationship with their spouse; parental judgments should not be a major part of your relationship. Your “inner circle,” which consists onlyof a husband and wife, must be protected from all other relationships.

It’s important to make yourself aware of the wrong reasons to consider splitting with your spouse. 

Mack Harris