Seek Christian Counseling when your marriage needs help!

Thursday, October 5, 2023 @ 2:11 PM


Title: Blog: Seek Christian Counseling when your marriage needs help
Written by: Dr. Donna M. Marshall

I encourage all couples to seek counseling if their marriage is in a place where they feel they just can’t seem to move past this point in time. Tension and stress will only get worse. It is difficult when there is not unity in the marriage. When you feel like the only thing you have in common is disagreeing that is a big red flag. You have snippy answers for each other instead of trying to work together to resolve your differences. Being able to realize that someone has to bend in order to move beyond where you are is important. Often times no one is willing to bend and digging your heals in only makes matters worse. If it’s been going on for so long that you start to wonder if it will ever get better this is a time your beginning to realize that without bending it won’t just go away. Your worry about whether it will ever get better is a legitimate concern.
I want to tell you that there is a way of moving past this point in time. But it will take going to counseling. I recommend Christian Counseling and here is why. Christian Counseling helps couples to reunite by keeping a hope for the future focus. It’s about forgiveness and letting go of the anger and resentment so you can apologize sincerely and move forward. But it doesn’t end there. Now the work begins. That’s right I said work. Because it will take time to learn how to communicate effectively without letting anger or resentment take the reigns. It will be about being mindful and intentional with your words. And it will be about taking your time with each other and learn how to interact being respectful and kind to one another.
Gradually, you will come back to a place where you appreciate each other again. You will look forward to spending time together and you will value each other. So again I do encourage counseling because it is the right thing to do to get back on track but not just any track, the right track which will lead you to a place of peace and unity in marriage.
If you need counseling consider Christian Counseling with me Dr. Marshall of Oceanlife Christian Counseling. I hope this blog encourages you and has offered you a new hope.
God bless you.

Dr. Donna M. Marshall