The Dynamics of Faith and it's Power

Friday, February 10, 2023 @ 9:17 AM

Book and Course Description:

Christians are faced with challenging hardships and disappointments throughout their journey. The trials of life can be so difficult at times that some struggle in their faith and wonder how to cope with it all. One’s relationship with God seems to diminish while hopelessness and despair takes full course in their lives.

“The Dynamics of Faith and its Power” will help Christians to believe again. It will restore one’s hope as the author shares her true-life stories of poverty, sickness, and homelessness. She gives a biblical and psychological perspective to help her readers to understand the various components and stages of faith.

The author provides powerful prayers that were intentionally prayed for you! She offers her exclusive Stages of Faith Assessment that measures where a person is in their faith with God. This book will change your life forever! It will challenge you to grow in your faith.

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