Therapy Using Christian Meditation, Deep Relaxation, Visualization and Prayer

Tuesday, March 11, 2014 @ 4:44 PM

This type of Therapy is based on the belief that as our Lord we are made up of three parts. The Body, Soul (Mind) and Spirit When we accept Christ we have His spirit in us. So our spirit cannot be attacked or assailed by evil or hurt as that is where Christ dwells through the Power of the Holy Spirit. Our Soul is another part of us separate from the spirit. It is in our soul (mind) where our hurts exist sometimes in memories that need healing. The pain in our soul contributes towards depression and anxiety. The pain in our soul affects us physically as well. Our bodies are affected by the pain of memories we carry in our soul. Science has now t it interesting that science is now learning this and there are secular therapies which now exist to deal with this type of physical reaction? Psychologists now believe (and studies are being done) that spirituality in an important part of therapy.

This therapy is “Christ Centered” There are different terms for the type of prayer therapy I am offering. Soul Healing, Inner Healing, Healing of the Memories There are many books that have been written on this topic. None of this comes from my own imagination but teaching I have received over many years. I have incorporated techniques I learned under the direction Dennis Bennett for the “Healing of the Memories” with what I have been taught about, deep relaxation as a therapist. I have also incorporated what I have learned about Christian meditation from many years of being involved in an intercessory prayer group. I prayed with the same group of people for over twenty years and attended other Christian prayer groups which added to my experience. If we can understand the concept that we are a triune person it is easier to understand how a Christian can be depressed or anxious or need healing of past memories which are difficult to let go and give to God. The principle of this approach to therapy is God Centered. Jesus Christ is with us, and we are empowered to be healed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Reference: Trinity of Man by Dennis and Rita Bennett; Copyright 1979 by Logos International

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