Why Hope after Disappointment?

Monday, April 4, 2016 @ 2:04 PM

Here at Hope Reins we boldly say that Hope Changes Everything. And many of you may be wondering how we can believe in hope after losing our battle with ComEd. And that is a good question. Why do we hope when there is so much darkness in the world? Why do we hope even though we prayed, and spent considerable amounts of money on a lawyer? We still lost and we still have to move. Our hope did not change this. So how can we say that Hope changes everything? Why didn’t we just change our name quickly to something more realistic?

I know that some of you reading this are feeling deep pain and a sense that God let you down, that despite your hopes and prayers nothing is changing. You feel hopeless. We understand that darkness and despair. We believe that Hope “Reins” in our despair and provides a light in the darkness, A way forward in a dark world.

However, our hope is not without substance, it is not hope in ourselves and not even hope in how our horses can help. Instead we have hope in the One who is greater than all of us. The babe who came at Christmas time. Matthew 12:21 says “His name will be the hope of the world.” And with our hope placed in Jesus, we can believe that hope changes everything. This is the kind of hope that propels us to love our enemies, feed the poor and continue to keep moving forward when we feel like giving up. We can find peace and contentment in all circumstances!

We can hope because God in His goodness and deep love reached out from the heavens to give us a Savior. A Savior who took on human flesh and lived among us!! One who willingly gave up His life so we could never be separated from the love of God! We pray that the God of Hope will fill you with joy and peace so that by the power of the Spirit you may Hope!! Because this kind of Hope does change everything!