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Welcome to CityChurch where “radically loving” isn’t just a tagline. It’s our lifestyle. It’s our thing. It’s our purpose.

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, CityChurch can be where you belong.
Listen, do we love our faith here? Absolutely! But our mission is focused on LOVE. And, really – that’s it. Why? Because you should feel totally at ease at church. It should feel like home.

We know going to a new place (let alone a new church) can be um…awkward. And maybe even a little scary. But trust us – we’re not scary. No matter who you are, there’s someone here that will turn into a friend. But ya gotta come here and meet them!

The best part about CityChurch is the many options you have available to make your experience comfortable for you and your family. From your outfit, to your service time, to where you experience the sermon…it’s all up to you!

You can pretty literally wear whatever you want. (Okay – we do ask that you put some clothes on…) But we have folks that are dressed to the nines, people in flip flops and shorts and everything in between. And every single one of them is welcome. No one’s giving anyone weird looks here. That’s just not who we are.

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