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Evergreen Church exists for Jesus to reach people who don’t attend our church yet. We serve a bedroom suburb of Seattle called Bothell. Our town brings together warm community, tech/health industries and a university campus.

Bothell is booming. Our town center is going through a massive redevelopment bringing more people. Large developments of new homes are bringing more families. Local schools are overflowing. A new high school is being built soon. Oh yes, we are home to one of the largest Hindu populations in America. Ninety-six percent of Seattle do not attend church. So we resist passivity and encourage involvement in Jesus' mission to change lives.

We are passionate about equipping people to become healthy leaders to influence people. We are focused on Jesus. We believe the Bible is the word of God. We honor God’s word by making it interesting. We believe all the gifts of the Spirit operate today. We are charismatic but balanced. We believe Jesus and his church are the hope of the world. We are evangelistic, but not shallow.

We are elder governed, pastor led and volunteer driven. We are an autonomous church, in relationship with churches like New Life (Colorado Springs), New Hope (Honolulu) and A2A (Australia). Senior pastors from these churches serve as covering pastors and visit our church regularly. We also have a consulting relationship with Gateway Church in Southlake, TX.

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