In the fall of 1977, our church formed under the leadership of Dr. Gene Getz and a group of people led by the Lord to bring a relational, contemporary, grace-oriented, Bible church to the North Dallas/Park Cities area. The first service was held on Sunday evening, October 9, 1977, and Park Cities Bible Fellowship (later changed to Fellowship Bible Church of the Park Cities) was officially launched.

In the summer of 1980, Fellowship Park Cities moved to a new facility on Boedeker Street, just south of NorthPark Center. The church then underwent a season of leadership change and overcame challenges such as paying off debt from acquiring the new property. By God’s grace, the then 120-person congregation successfully completed its transition to the new location and began to thrive.

Throughout the 80’s and ‘90s, the church experienced continued growth and increased fruitfulness, which led to the eventual purchase and renovation of an office complex at Meadow Road and Central Expressway that became its new home. In August 1993, the church changed its name to Fellowship Bible Church Dallas.

In 2004, the church purchased the former United Artists Plaza on Central Expressway at Park Lane and repurposed it throughout 2005. In March 2006, Fellowship Dallas moved into its new home and remains there to the present day. From its new location, the church began to reach out to the large refugee population and other people groups in need living in nearby Vickery Meadow.

In 2017, we celebrated our 40th anniversary with approximately 3,500 people calling Fellowship Dallas their church home and we began pursuing a new mission of calling each other to live out our God-given purpose in Christ every day.

Today, we are a beautifully diverse local expression of the Body of Christ with different generations, cultures, ethnicities, and life stages. We remain steadfastly committed to our foundations of God’s amazing grace, sound biblical teaching, and authentic community. Though we have experienced significant changes over the years with transitions to new locations, new leadership and new mission and vision, something that has never changed is our deep desire to proclaim and live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ to each other, the surrounding neighborhoods, the city of Dallas, and the world.

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