If you do join us for worship, what you will find is that we are a gathering of sincere, transparent, and admittedly broken people who have been forever changed by Jesus Christ. Thanks to God’s provision for our church, we have enjoyed a rich history that began in 1884. Ever since that small group of Smyrna residents assembled together to form the First Baptist Church, the generations of members to follow have unapologetically anchored our lives to the truths of the Bible. Much around us has changed, and thankfully, over the years, as we have followed the Lord’s leadership, so has our church. But though we have constantly sought to reevaluate the manner in which we minister, the bedrock truths of the gospel have kept us steady.

So won’t you take up our invitation to join us? We are a multi-generational and multi-ethnic church who truly believes God brings us together, despite our different ages and backgrounds, to share life together, encourage one another, and spread the gospel of Jesus. We love our community. We deeply love each other. We are grateful for our Baptist heritage. But most importantly, we love Jesus with all of our hearts.

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