Church Ministries

  • Bible Studies
  • Choir Opportunities
  • Women's Ministries


All are welcome to participate in worship.

Bring hearts that are open to hear the Word of God and join in with your praise and prayers. We use a "blended" style of music at Grace; contemporary songs and classic hymns are accompanied by piano, guitar, and/or organ.

Bring your talents, too. Our choir rehearses September-May, preparing anthems for Sunday worship and a special Christmas presentation that tells the story of Jesus' birth through music. Individuals and ensembles provide special music at times in place of a choir anthem.

We are an American Baptist church, which may or may not mean much to you. To us, it means everyone is invited to come to the Table for Communion because we believe God brings everyone together, no matter where you come from or the experiences you bring. It means we seek to be followers of the way of Christ and to help each person on their own journey. You’ll find a mix of people here, all raising voices in praise and hands in service.

We appreciate our rich Baptist heritage, which includes Soul Freedom (the right of each person to interpret the Bible and other teachings for her or himself), the Separation of Church and State (neither one should control the other), and the Autonomy of the church (our local congregation makes decisions for itself).

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