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Our spiritual community begins with the life and words of Jesus. He is at the center of all we believe and do. His life is recorded in the New Testament, a book with unparalleled historical credibility.

Jesus’ birth was miraculous since His mother was a virgin. He grew up a carpenter’s son in a small outpost of the Mediterranean world. Throughout His life He enjoyed God’s love and obeyed Him completely. When He began his public ministry, He claimed to be the divine Son of God. His teachings were revolutionary. He confronted religious leaders with compassionate acts that embarrassed their traditions. He challenged secular leaders with miracles that upset their assumptions. This ultimately led to His agonizing death on the cross. Even his death was in willing obedience to God. He cited the ancient Jewish prophets, who said that the Son of God will bear the sins of the people.

All injustice, violence, oppression and cruelty were laid on Him. In mercy and grace, Jesus’ life and death became a substitute for all who would trust and follow Him. In a great reversal, God initiated a plan through Jesus to right every wrong and turn right side up every injustice.

Three days after His death, Jesus raised from the dead. This message was proclaimed and spread at a time when eyewitnesses to the resurrection were still alive. Over the centuries, the evidence continues to mount that this was a real, historical event. Not only does the resurrection provide the ultimate proof to His reality, but it verified His unique claim, that He was the Son of God. We believe that in Jesus we discover real truth and the divine love we have always been searching for.

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