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We want to see lives renewed, families transformed, homes opened up, skeptics welcomed, prayer mobilized, leaders developed, old divisions healed, and churches partnering together in mission.
We want to take part in a Gospel Movement that declares the reign of Christ and re-aligns all of life to his holy love, transforming the landscape of the North Shore. This vision so much bigger than us! This is something only God can do! Therefore, our focus is to take one step, each day, toward rediscovering the wonder of the Gospel. We’re praying for all of us to have a life- changing rediscovery of the Gospel: youngest to oldest. We want to be gripped daily by the riches of what Christ has done for us—our Living Hope. We want to see increased passion in worship, courage in evangelism, joy in service, hospitality to our neighbors, engagement in community needs, and wisdom to speak the truth in every area of life. We want to live as if the Gospel is true—because it is!—and step by step become people who can encourage a Gospel Movement.

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