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We all need hope. In different ways and at different times.Hope for our relationships, our careers, our health, our finances, our faith. A belief that goes beyond our current circumstances and tells us that we can make it one more day. And that is why we need more than just a temporary fix, but something that lives beyond each season of life. Hope comes in the form of a hand to help, a kind word to encourage, or some good news. We need all of these things and at Polaris Church, we believe in a God who is personal. While we don't escape the difficulties of this life, there is One who will never leave us and who will always give us hope.

We believe this personal God came in the complete life of Jesus who walked among and became one of us. This is when the seemingly silent God became visible and physical to His most prized creation, humanity. This Jesus did signs and miracles - healing and helping people, giving another chance at life, and even had the audacity to forgive sins.

He told people that God may not be so far off as they thought. This “kingdom” that Jesus brought and taught flipped the script. Instead of earning our way into good graces with God, he said “come, follow me” and that’s what people did. And that’s what people are still doing today.

And when he said follow me, he didn’t just mean to a place we go when we die, but to live like he lived, do what he did, treat people how he did. We follow Him in the way of life, to find the truth about life, and to experience real life. If you experience a relationship with God, you can’t keep it to yourself. At Polaris Church, we don’t believe that fulfillment or joy in life is found until we give it away.

Giving away our story - who we are, our imperfections, our experiences, the grace and forgiveness - all to help others believe there is hope and help and healing for them.

Giving away our service - we believe God designed each of us unique and does not want the gifts and skills given to go unused or hidden, so we choose to share them with the world.

Giving away our stuff - it’s really not ours and we can’t take it with us, so we choose to give it away. We find more value by being a part of something bigger than ourselves, to see it go further than ourselves, and have a greater impact than we could have on our own.

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