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What is a church? Some people think of it as a building made of bricks and mortar. Others think of it as a once a week outing. Still others see it as a place for weddings and funerals to take place. None of these ideas completely defines Tallowood. More than a place, Tallowood is a group of people who have chosen to become a community of joy through commitment to Jesus Christ our Lord!

In a world where people are sometimes forgotten and thrown away, Tallowood offers real community. As Paul defined it in his letter to the Romans, we are the people who rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. Tallowood is a place where you will laugh and cry. In this family of faith, we covenant together to offer each other both acceptance and accountability. We say to whosoever will come, “Come as you are!” Along with this acceptance, we live in accountability which says, “Become the person God wants you to be!” Whoever you are; wherever you have been, Tallowood is a community which welcomes you to experience the abundant life of being a child of God.

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