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Urban Grace is an ecumenical congregation that is multicultural, diverse, and welcoming to all. We welcome the full participation of all people–any denominational background, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic location. We hope to be the open table that Jesus set for all God’s children and offer a nurturing fellowship where it’s safe to wrestle and explore, acknowledging the simultaneous joy and pain, blessing and loss, of this life. We’re grateful to lean into the truth that we are perfectly imperfect and still loved, chosen and accepted. We want to provide our community with a faith home where we can build diverse and deep relationships and experience shared spiritual practices such as worship services, studies, small groups, and prayer, in order to gain greater connection to God and each other. We are teachers, businesswomen and men, nonprofit employees, medical care providers, stay at home parents, unemployed and everything in between, seeking to bring the love, grace and truth of Jesus to our gritty city.

We welcome all people into full participation at Urban Grace. An essential aspect of our welcome is the full inclusion of LGBTQI+ and gender non-conforming community to our congregation, leadership, and staff. We practice and draw on the width and breadth of the catholic and protestant Christian experience and are a multicultural and inter-denominational church. Our community is richer because of the depth and diversity of our backgrounds. We need and want to hear each other’s stories as they all contribute to the warmth and generosity of who we are.

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