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Through Jesus' resurrection, you were born again to fulfill His original design and specific purpose for your life. Jesus' death and resurrection truly is the power of God transforming you from the dominion of darkness to the liberating experience of Jesus Christ living through you!

This reality of Jesus Experience is for everyone that believes in Jesus' resurrection and has received Him into his heart. Then the very nature of Jesus Christ is alive within as Jesus Christ is declared as being Lord.

Now His nature is unveiled within and the revelation of who you are in Jesus Christ and Who He is in you manifests. Your life is literally transformed! Everything changes!

In your interaction with family and friends, the nature of Christ is manifesting, and those around you begin to experience His life also. This is such an exciting time to be alive because the Body of Christ is receiving this revelation of Who He is in us. You now have full access to the Kingdom of God within, through the veil of Jesus' flesh. You can experience the supernatural realms of the Spirit of God and there is no limitation to this nature of God. Hallelujah!

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