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2 Christian Churches in 46220

Glory Point Ministries

Indianapolis, Indiana 46220
Glory Point offers an atmosphere of love and acceptance so that everyone can experience the peace and healing presence of God.

We offer multicultural family worship. Personal ministry services are also available upon request.

If you are looking to bring the Lord into your life, reach out to us at Glory Point and speak to a member of our staff!

Soma Church

Indianapolis, Indiana 46220
We are a community of people learning to be with Jesus and become like Jesus in the everyday mess of life. We believe the deepest desires of the human heart and our city can only be satisfied in a transformational encounter with Jesus Christ.

The church is not a place where you consume religious goods and services with like-minded people, but rather a diverse group of people committed to being a unified family. As family, we seek to reorient our life rhythms, preferences, and... More »


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