Christian Therapist Profile

Practice Specialties


    Wholeness Counseling Service is a private Biblical/Christian counseling practice. Dr. Sharon Smith (AKA Dr. Sharon) is the counselor and she holds a Master of Science degree in Counseling, and a Doctorate in Biblical Counseling/Biblical Studies. She is a member of and licensed pastoral counselor with the Federal Association of Christian Counselors and Therapists (FACCT). She is also an ordained minister with National Association of Christian Ministers (NACM) Her specialties include:

    .group and family counseling
    .pre-marital counseling
    .marriage counseling
    .youth counseling
    .post-divorce counseling
    .grief counseling
    .anger management counseling

    Why I Became a Professional Christian Therapist

    I became a Christian counselor as a result of my own life experiences, which led me to receive counseling myself. It is my desire to help my clients recognize that God can and will heal all wounds. The hope is that although my clients come to me broken, they will leave whole because God will be the ultimate counselor. In essence, I became a Christian counselor because I recognize the need for this kind of help within the walls of the church.

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