Whether your family is traditional, blended, large or small, in your heart you had hopes and dreams of how your family would play together and grow together. But, it hasn’t happened that way. Yelling, screaming, hurt feelings, and disconnection seem to be the norm. It feels like nothing works, and there is non-stop tension.

There is HOPE! At Abba's Heart Counseling Center, we have several well-trained clinicians able to assist you in creating the life and the family you desire. We care for and work with little kids, teens, individuals, whole families, and couples. We come along side and counsel people struggling with addictions and we also have two trauma trained clinicians on staff. Whatever the need is in your life or in your family, we are here to assist you on your God-given journey. It is our pleasure to walk you through a season of healing and restoring your heart, mind, and soul.

Therapists on Staff

Patricia Avalos
Jennifer Geneus
Deandra Hennemann
Christian Pederson
Nicki Segur
Patricia Avalos

Patricia Avalos

Registered Mental Health Intern
I believe that each of us has a story to tell…

… a story that’s part of who we are. I know I do!

Personally, growing up was not easy. I struggled with knowing who I was, and my mom struggled with her own mental and emotional battles. I also grew up not knowing my biological father and felt very alone.

Even though I faced these challenges as an adolescent, I discovered that it could all be turned around for good. I realized that these circumstances did not define me and I was capable of rewriting my story.

Now, I am a mother of three girls and have a beautiful blended family. When I met my husband 14 years ago, he had a precious baby girl; and it has been a blessing to watch her grow. I know the challenges families can face when living in a blended family, but I also know the joys of it, too.

I can’t wait to work with you…

I’ve worked as an at-risk youth mentor and enjoyed every bit of it. In working with them, I discovered that there was something more that I could of
Jennifer Geneus

Jennifer Geneus

I am a spirit-filled counselor…

I have found that most people do not have a clear picture of who God actually is; they see Him according to their experiences and not actually for who He is.

I believe that healing this image of God through the therapeutic alliance, then receiving love from the One who calls you by name, allows for greater intimacy and depth with yourself and with others. I pray for the clients that are open to this and partner with them to invite God into the therapeutic dialogue.

I help to repair broken walls that have been torn down through hurtful relationships, negative self-image, and negative self-talk. I love God and love to see people do well. And I know that for growth and change to occur, it’s not one thing: It is God and healing, God and therapy, God and you.

I want you to see all that you have been created to be through Him, which takes safety, knowing that you are wanted and needed, and motivation.

It takes work, but you are worth the effort!
Deandra Hennemann

Deandra Hennemann

When I think of how to help people, I think of what my first medical director said to me: “We are planters; we can’t save or help everyone, but it is our job to sow the seeds and allow them to harvest what they may in due time.” That is how I view therapy.

I am here to help guide you to your desired wellness. I’m excited to embark on this journey with you, because you deserve the life that you were created for.

My experiences have allowed me to help adolescents and adults who are suffering from traumatic experiences, depression, and anxiety – folks who want relief, to learn resiliency, and want to live a life of freedom and vitality from their past.

I trained myself into multiple areas of counseling including: children, adults, trauma, substance abuse, crisis, parenting for the Department of Children and Families, and the jail system. Looking back, I realize that was God allowing me to serve and further hone my craft.

Throughout my experience, I learned a lot of patience wi
Christian Pederson

Christian Pederson

Certified Life Coach, MA in Pastoral Counseling (Spring 2021)
People are awesome!

I find all people, from all walks of life are truly interesting, entertaining, engaging, and amazing!

I also find when I begin to invest my time into discovering the very best in people, they too begin to see the very best in themselves, and some for the first time.

This process of “self discovery” or becoming “mindful” is the foundation upon which we learn, adapt, grow, and discover our true selves…our God given “true nature”.

When we get stuck in the process of discovery it is useful to have someone give us a helping hand.
There is Good News if you feel stuck.

As your Life Coach, I will meet you where you are in life.

I will help you discover what got you “there”, and frame up the “where” you are headed and the “how-to” get you to that place of solace and fulfillment.

I offer a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation for all new clients.

Call today and lets begin your transformative journey into discovering your best days ahead.
Nicki Segur

Nicki Segur

Registered Mental Health Intern
My passion is to empower individuals to find meaning and purpose in their life. During therapy, I provide clients with a safe and compassionate space where one can explore the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are overwhelming or distressing.

I provide clients with a safe and compassionate space where they can explore the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are overwhelming or distressing so that they can begin to enjoy relationships, loving themselves and the people around them.
I have experience working with all kinds of clients, including:

Middle school students, high school students, college students, adults, and parents dealing with a variety of challenges: addiction, substance abuse, anxiety, and trauma, just to name a few.

But no matter who the client is, I will always admire their courage and vulnerability… and believe their authenticity in counseling will cultivate into the love, belonging, and joy they deserve.
Education and training…

I received my bache

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