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Aletheia Life provides integrative mental wellness through both Splankna and Christian Life Coaching. This is not mental health counseling - it is a unique and fast approach to mental wellness.

Splankna (pronounced “splawnk-na”) is a revolutionary, Christian approach to mental wellness that combines elements of the best mind-body tools (EMDR, NET, TFT) psychology offers today AND the power of prayer. Splankna finds moments in your life that in some way negatively affected you and caused you to develop some sort of coping mechanism.

Coping mechanisms show up as (not a complete list):

• recurrent, negative, and limiting mindsets, thoughts, emotions, and habits
• persistent relationship struggles
• staying in dissatisfying jobs or other life situations
• low self-esteem or self-image or lacking self-confidence
• inability to follow-through on desires or commitments
• shut down of your own dreams
• irrational fears (phobias)
• being “stuck” in life or settling for less than what you want
• issues (diagnosed or not) such as depression, anxiety, stress, unresolved trauma, and addiction

Splankna helps your body let go of the memories, thoughts, emotions, and mindsets that created the coping mechanisms and allow them to continue in your life. As you unburden your body, soul, and sprit, you experience a new sense of freedom and positive emotions; and life-giving thoughts and mindsets develop. You shift in ways you never imagined.

Life Coaching helps you determine what you want in life on and helps you formulate a plan for how you want to be in the future. I work with you to shine “light” on things that keep you from meeting your goals and move you towards a deeper awareness. With the Holy Spirit as a guide, we work together to develop an action plan for your future - in the areas you feel called and motivated.

These actions and steps (e.g., homework) reinforce your core values and help you create new habits in-between sessions. My hope for you is that through our work together, you realize and accept the love, healing, and support God offers at a deeper level and experience movement towards your objectives.

The health and wellness coaching model I use is suitable for personal and professional goals and is based in mental wellness and mental wellbeing.

Used together, Splankna and Christian Life Coaching allow for quick shifts in your mental well-being.

Why I Became a Professional Christian Therapist

I learned of Splankna in 2010 when I was suffering from chronic depression over past hurts from my earlier life. Splankna allowed me to release the emotions and coping mechanisms from those past events. This healing propelled me into a deeper relationship with God and renewed purpose in my life. I knew immediately I wanted to share this incredible tool with everyone I could and became certified and have been practicing since 2012. My only desire being to help facilitate healing, communication, and connection with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; and to allow each client to unleash their best self into the world untethered by the pains of their past.

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  • Client rates are on a sliding scale

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