American Family Counseling

401 Church Street
Almont, Michigan, US


Dr. Swanborough has a doctorate in psychology and counseling. American Family Counseling is a blend of clinical understanding with a strong focus on the Bible as therapy. The goal is to restore clients to a full healthy abundant life. You will receive consultation from a highly trained and experienced counselor. (Also trained to counsel military personnel and their families.)

Let us help you make your decision . An effort is made to resolve problems in a minimum of sessions. I am a family counselor and very low cost. $60 an hour for an individual or $70 per hour per couple. (I also do groups for $20 each person.) The first half hour is free in order for you to get acquainted with the counselor and feel comfortable.

Why I Became a Christian Therapist

I realized I had a gift of discernment from my experience in ministry. I have the ability to help people with their deeper concerns and conflict solving.

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