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Practice Specialties

  • Abandonment Difficulties
  • Abortion Recovery
  • Abuse & Trauma
  • Bilingual Christian Counseling
  • Blended Family Counseling
  • Blended Family Counseling
  • Child/Play Therapy
  • Christian Divorce Counseling
  • Church Conflict Counseling
  • Counseling for Families Affected by Disability
  • Counseling for Seniors
  • Counseling to Pastors and Wives
  • Couples Christian Counseling
  • Couples Counseling
  • Depression Stress and Anxiety Therapy
  • Divorce and Remarriage Counseling
  • Divorce Prevention
  • Divorce Recovery
  • Domestic Violence Christian Counseling
  • Domestic Violence Counseling
  • Empty Nest Anxiety and Depression
  • Ex-Relationship Adjustments
  • Grief and Bereavement Christian Counseling
  • Grief and Bereavement Counseling
  • Marriage and Family Christian Counseling
  • Marriage and Family Counseling
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Premarital Counseling
  • Seniors Adults and Young Adlutls
  • Sex and Intimacy Christian Counseling
  • Sex and Intimacy Counseling
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Stress Anxiety Depression Christian Counseling
  • Substance Abuse and Addictions Christian Counseling
  • Support Groups
  • Teen Christian Counseling
  • Teen Counseling


Florecer is the Spanish verb for "to flourish or to blossom." The ultimate goal at Florecer is to assist believers to enjoy the fulfilling life we all can have in Christ. At Florecer we provide child therapy, parenting support, individual therapy, family counseling, premarital and marriage counseling. Therapists are fluent in Spanish too and the office is accessible to all cities in the San Fernando Valley. For clients not in the area, services can be provided online.

Florecer Family Counseling is a place where you, or even your whole family, can grow while honoring your culture, language, faith values, and schedule. We create a personal treatment plan to help you achieve your goals using evidence-based strategies.

Florecer Family Counseling offers services to women, who are seeking to experience empowered lives. A therapist at Florecer will join your journey and be by your side to help you stop generational patterns, take control of your emotions and behaviors, learn to love, honor, and celebrate your life, heal from the past, and enjoy your present. Here you will have the opportunity to learn how to balance the different roles in your life as a daughter, single woman, wife, mother, professional and friend and successfully implement the powerful skills you have acquired.

We offer support to parents who are struggling with their relationships with their children, tweens, or teens. With counseling, parents can increase their confidence and joy in their parenting journey. They will be introduced to strategies of positive interactions and communication to reduce conflicts in the home and to help foster a healthier family dynamic. Thus, having a more fulfilling impact on their child's life.

Therapists at Florecer provide support and guidance to the joyful and stressed soon-to-be husband and wife. Couples are provided with a calming environment where they can obtain and review an assessment that identifies their strengths and areas of growth, learn what healthy and unhealthy behaviors they are bringing from their family of origin, and acquire skills required for a healthy and happy relationship. Pre-marital counseling is encouraged so couples can focus on creating a strong foundation, a deeper commitment, and consequently a happy and fulfilling lasting marriage.

Support is also extended during the future years of the marriage as the couple experiences life changes (i.e. infertility, becoming parents, moves, grief, health issues, etc.). A healthy and vibrant marriage is possible!

Over time, married couples can accumulate a lot of baggage if they don't handle difficult life events appropriately. Florecer Family Counseling is here to help couples continue enriching and enjoying their marriage.
At Florecer we understand that marriage can be very challenging as the couple navigates through the different phases of life. These can become difficult and hinder couples from thriving in their relationship. Florecer provides couples with the needed tools and resources to enrich and strengthen their marriage and help their relationship be all it can be!

Contact us today to begin your journey to healing!

My Christian Faith and My Professional Practice

Florecer Family counseling provides state of the art counseling services using evidence-based and strength-based treatments that are practical and effective to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, depression, grief, traumatic grief, panic attacks, stress, trauma, ADHD, juvenile delinquency, or substance abuse by helping clients learn and practice positive coping skills such as communication, healthy boundaries, problem-solving, conflict-solving, stress management, psycho-education, self-care and more.

Our professional counselors are filled with compassion and hope and believe that change is possible!

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Therapists on Staff

Cynthia Escobar
Analin Flores
Cynthia Escobar

Cynthia Escobar

Asking for help can be difficult. Realizing you need to make a change or “unlearn” some habits and ideas that are not serving you well can be a bold brave move. I teach individual and couples skills to help them through overwhelming feelings and make lifestyle changes to interrupt those destructive cycles. Whether you need to process traumatic thoughts or knock down those mental barriers that have been holding you back from your own personal goals and relationships I would like to help you explore those needs.

I believe the therapeutic process involves coming along side you and supporting your experience as you learn more about yourself and gain more power over your thoughts and your actions.
My specialties include working with young adults, children, Women’s issues, couples counseling, family planning, premarital counseling, prenatal support, post partum, parenting strategies, juvenile delinquency, social anxiety, self esteem issues, communication/ relationships issues, family
Analin Flores

Analin Flores

My approach in treatment is to help clients identify and use their strengths as a catalyst to get unstuck, move forward, and find balance, meaning, and purpose in work, family, friendships, faith, and all other areas of their lives. I believe in first establishing a safe space and a strong therapeutical relationship with my clients so they can feel understood and valued in our collaborative work. I come along their side with practical and effective tools they can learn and practice to cope in healthy ways with their challenges and pain.

I am trained in several evidence-based treatments approved by the Los Angeles Department of Mental Health that focus on the healing of trauma, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, relational, and behavioral problems.

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