Connected Living Institute

8707 E Vista Bonita Dr, Ste. 150
Scottsdale, Arizona, US

Practice Specialties

  • Couples Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Premarital Counseling
  • Sex and Intimacy


I love working with couples. If you have come looking for help with your relationship, you are in the right place. Everyone is looking for something just a little bit different when they come to couple’s counseling. It may feel like you are stuck with no place left to go. It may feel like your relationship is in pieces with no clear path how to put it back together. You may feel like you can’t survive one more fight like the one you guys just had, or it might feel like you can’t suffer in silence anymore. Whether it feels like you are constantly fighting, or it feels like you are “room mates”, I can help.

People seek counseling for a myriad of reasons—ranging from managing anxiety and depression to navigating intricate relationship dynamics. I strive to comprehend the distinct position each person find themselves. My commitment is to support and guide couples and families through the spectrum of challenges they face by understanding the big picture.

I place great value on the intricate web of connections we have—with ourselves, our minds, bodies, spirits, and each other. My goal is to enhance self-worth and efficacy within the organic framework of an individual's connections. Whether one is an individual, a couple, or a family contending with life's demands, I invite them to bring their concerns.

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