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  • Abandonment Difficulties
  • Abuse & Trauma
  • Anger Management
  • Career Counseling
  • Depression Stress and Anxiety Therapy
  • Grief and Bereavement Counseling
  • Stress Anxiety Depression Christian Counseling
  • Substance Abuse and Addictions Christian Counseling


Dr. Vansiea is currently accepting new patients in Uniondale, NY at her new faith-based practice. She is licensed and certified as a Nurse Practitioner in Psychiatry (NPP) with the State of New York. She is also license and seeing patients in New Jersey too by Telemental Health services. She holds an Internationally Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor (ICADC) certification as well. Her educational degrees background consists of: Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP); Master of Science in Mental Health Psychiatric Nursing and a Master of Arts in Addiction Counseling. Dr. Vansiea has been a nurse for almost 23 years and has worked in numerous civilian positions being: guardian ad- litem, surgical/medical nursing hospital units, nurse for foster care agency, adjunct nursing faculty, school nursing, nursing case manager for workers’ compensation, medical and mental health clinics etc. She also served in the military and was stationed at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC and is a Gulf War Era veteran. Dr. Vansiea treats patients with co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorders who are underserved, disenfranchised or disadvantaged. Dr. Vansiea welcomes all and has no limit to treating anyone from any socioeconomic or ethnic groups as well. She also treats her fellow veterans too. Dr. Vansiea treats patients in her office or remotely, via telehealth/telemedicine platform. Dr. Vansiea does Workers' Compensation Evaluations too in NY.

Coping Nurse Practitioner in Psychiatry Services utilizes a holistic approach to integrated mental health treatment. Dr. Vansiea meets with clients in her office and as well remotely using telehealth platforms utilizing her Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), her training as a Nurse Practitioner in Psychiatry (NPP) and addiction counselor. Dr. Vansiea provides a variety of services to her practice including psychotherapy, substance use disorders counseling, health education & promotion, wellness training, mental health evaluations and assessments, Telehealth, mental health consultations and nursing consultations. All treatment approaches are tailored to each individual patient needs and can be administered with or without medication management. Some of the therapies utilized includes cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), supportive therapy, motivational interviewing, strength-based, brief therapy, culturally sensitive therapy, interpersonal therapy, Christian therapy, family therapy, trauma-focused and 12 steps incorporation into treatment.

Dr. Vansiea does not prescribe medications on the first visit since the focus at that appointment is to do a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation to best develop a treatment plan in the patient's best interest. She also does not believe in prescribing control substance as the first option of any treatment for mental illness. Adjustments of medications are not done on the first visit for any new patients; instead after a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation, review of records, labs and diagnostic testing if needed. A comprehensive and holistic approach is her philosophy to treating mental illness and substance use disorders. Dr. Vansiea ultimate goal as a practitioner is to provide patient centered and goal directed care focus on doing good and not harm in her patients' best interest.

Dr. Vansiea comes to the table as a practitioner to treat with love, understanding, compassion, open-mindedness and the spirit of empathy. Dr. Vansiea has a strong background in medical/surgical nursing as a Registered Nurse which is an asset to her patients in giving insight and awareness in many medical commodities that exist with mental illness and substance use disorders. This allows her to provide a better holistic and comprehensive approach to treatment. Dr. Vansiea believes that her job is to encourage and empower patients to meet acceptance, be accountable, promote self-love, improve self-esteem, and give them insight and awareness of challenges in their lives.

Why I Became a Professional Christian Therapist

Dr. Vansiea became a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner to make a difference in the lives of patients who are experiencing challenges of mental illness and substance use disorder because she cares. She is passionate and dedicated about serving others in the mental health field. She believes that we all have a spiritual calling in life and this happens to be hers.

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