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We believe that there is always hope for change and was developed as a means of proving this to its clients and surrounding communities. Our multicultural therapists focus on you, the individual, as an individual who possesses a unique set of perspectives, experiences, strengths, needs, and desires. If you are ready and willing, we hope to make you a believer as well.

*Offices in Park Ridge, Chicago, Lake Forest, Barrington*We are also providing services virtually via video/ phone.

Our practice is "providing clinical counseling, consultation, yoga therapy, equine assisted psychotherapy, life coaching, clinical supervision, crisis intervention, continuing education, speaking engagements, and DUI Evaluations/ DUI risk reduction education levels I and Il with a diverse team utilizing creativity and collaboration”

My Christian Faith and My Professional Practice

Christian counseling may be most beneficial for Christians and those who have a strong faith or spirituality – although you don’t have to be religious or spiritual to benefit from this therapeutic counseling approach. In fact, anyone – religious or non-religious can partake in Christian counseling. If you struggle with grief and/or relationship problems, and can no longer cope with these issues alone, Christian counseling will most likely benefit you.

In addition, if you have a strong faith and belief in God, this type of therapy will most likely benefit you because it centers on biblical teachings. The hope is that by sharpening your knowledge of the Bible, strengthening your connection with God, and understanding God’s commandments, you will be able to turn your life around and conquer your problems.

You may benefit from Christian counseling if you are experiencing the following issues:

Anxiety that prevents you from completing everyday tasks
Panic attacks
Insomnia or being unable to fall asleep and/or stay asleep all night long
Social isolation or avoiding spending time with friends and family
Sudden extreme weight loss or weight gain
Feeling hopeless, helpless, and/or overwhelmed, or feeling unable to manage your problems on your own
Out-of-control, irrational anger
A loss of interest in activities you used to enjoy
Feeling disconnected to your faith or God

What Should I Expect from Christian Counseling?
Christian counseling pulls from a variety of counseling methods – one of which is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). One of the main differences between Christian counseling and some of the more secular counseling approaches is that Christian counselors use a wide range of materials, tools, resources, and psychological techniques, including prayer, scripture, affirmation, bible study, self-auditing or self-evaluation to help you combat your “demons” (problems).

Contrary to most secular counselors and therapists, Christian counselors do not believe that secular counseling approaches adequately cover the range of issues a person may be experiencing. As a result, these counselors combine your spiritual health with your mental health.

In other words, Christian counseling focuses on your spiritual health, personal relationship with God, and the belief that, with therapy, personal problems, mental health issues, and emotional distress can be replaced with increased self-worth and spiritual fulfillment.

Some of the things you should expect from Christian counseling include:

Prayer, scripture, and other supplementary materials during the session and as homework assignments
Family education & support
Learning how to cope with serious life events like death or illness
Learning how to make good judgment calls and decisions
Referrals to other specialists – i.e. psychiatrists, social workers, and/or physicians, if needed
Ceremonial preparations for couples who plan to get married and funeral services for families who have lost a loved one
What Happens During a Christian Counseling Session?
During the initial sessions, your Christian counselor will try to get a “feel” of who you are through structured intakes (interviews) and detailed conversations. Then, he/she will observe you, while you tell him/her about your problem(s) and how those problems make you “feel.”

Next, your counselor may ask you what you would like to accomplish by the time you complete the therapy process. After that, you and your counselor will discuss your goals and develop steps to help you achieve them. And, lastly, you will either verbally agree to commit yourself 100% to the therapy process or you will sign a document affirming your commitment to treatment.

After the first couple of sessions, you’ll be ready to jump right into therapy. During the later sessions, you will be assigned biblical homework and tasks, and you will discuss the results in the next session. You will also have biblical passages to read at night – ones that will strengthen your f

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Therapists on Staff

Autumn Bingham
Wendy Van Keulen
Kasia Wereszczynska
Joan LePontois
Pneurissa Stamps
Autumn Bingham

Autumn Bingham

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
My ideal client will be open to Therapy and want to grow and work on themselves. They will have stress, low self esteem and in need of new coping skills. Goals would be grow and change. They would like to learn ways to have positive thinking and coping skills. They will be open to taking steps towards goals and celebrate positive changes. As a Therapist I am here to provide a safe environment for clients to reach out when and if ready. I am here to work with the client were they are at. I want to understand what my client needs and how I can help them.
Wendy Van Keulen

Wendy Van Keulen

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
I am an effective, patient and engaging listener. I am open to learning from others as they share with me about their unique struggles, but am also here to help you see your struggles with a different lens. I offer people strategies and techniques to make changes that they feel comfortable with as we set goals together.
Everyone goes through challenges in life that can be overwhelming at times. Sometimes one can't do everything on their own or with the help of friends and family and need the advice of a professional for their mental health needs. It can be scary and one may feel vulnerable reaching out to a therapist.
Kasia Wereszczynska

Kasia Wereszczynska

LCPC, NCC, RYT, Eagala Certified MHP
Kasia Wereszczynska is a Psychotherapist and Yoga Instructor with experience in working with children, adolescents, families and adults. Originally from Poland, Kasia has developed an appreciation for different cultures. She works to build a healing environment that helps facilitate personal growth and positive change. In addition, she empowers her clients by helping them set and achieve realistic goals in a nonjudgmental atmosphere. Kasia has an extensive training and experience in crisis intervention, cognitive-behavioral therapy and positive psychology. Her areas of specialty include anxiety, depression, life transitions, addiction, trauma, self-esteem concerns and stress management.
Joan LePontois

Joan LePontois

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW
Joan specializes in working with children and adults coping with chronic illness, such as diabetes, kidney disease and cancer. Joan has a passion for working with elementary-age children struggling with depression, bullying, anxiety, low self-esteem and family conflicts. Joan helps clients with issues of aging and transitions into older adulthood. She has counseled children, families and adults for more than 20 years and has worked in both children’s and adult hospitals.
Pneurissa Stamps

Pneurissa Stamps

Licensed Professional Counselor
I have an integrated style of counseling which allows me to help clients get an individualized treatment. This approach accommodates their learning style and perception as they go through their process at their own capacity. I worked with culturally diverse populations using music, art, movies, role-play and experiential therapy.

I truly believe that everything that happens in my life is there for a purpose which should not be thought of as a mistake, but rather an experience that will bring wisdom, strength, and growth as an individual.

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