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Practice Specialties

  • Abuse & Trauma
  • Christian Divorce Counseling
  • Church Conflict Christian Counseling
  • Couples Christian Counseling
  • Divorce Recovery
  • Eating Disorders
  • Marriage and Family Christian Counseling
  • Pornography and Sexual Addictions
  • Premarital Counseling
  • Stress Anxiety Depression Christian Counseling
  • Teen Christian Counseling


Our practice generally appeals to Christians who vary greatly in their individual levels of faith, and who feel the need to receive confidential outside counseling that their church is unable to provide.

Our clients don’t want just anyone monkeying around in their headspace. If they’re going to let anyone get into their heads and influence the way they’re thinking, then they want a therapist that shares their Christian faith and values. A therapist who will counsel them from a biblical standpoint.

We incorporate Christian interventions for those with common mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, and those dealing with inappropriate levels of guilt and shame. We also have treatments to uncover the roots of compulsive behaviors such as pornography and/or sexual addiction, self-mutilation, eating disorders, gaming addiction and more.

We also provide couples counseling for couples in crisis, for those couples who are looking for a neutral person to counsel and advise them about areas of their marriage where they can’t find agreement or, who simply want to deepen their relationship.

We provide specialized trauma therapy for "Adverse [Abusive] Childhood Experiences" (ACEs), which is just another name for "child abuse”. We are particularly equipped at identifying the hidden symptoms of trauma found in the adult survivors of child abuse. Many people do not know that they may be suffering today from trauma they experienced years ago as a child. The trauma doesn’t go away, it gets worse as they age and move into adulthood.

We provide you with the help you need in the various contexts of individual, couples, and family counseling as required by each circumstance.

My Christian Faith and My Professional Practice

I firmly believe that when we intentionally incorporate God into a counseling session it completely changes the dynamic leading to something special happening. Also, I believe that we serve an infinitely creative God. When we introduce these aspects of God into a counseling session we are often astounded by what he is able to accomplish in the session. We attribute all of our success in counseling to our reliance on God. Sure we are experienced counselors, however God is the One responsible for healing. We are here to simply guide you into place where you can hear and feel Him speaking into your your life granting you inner healing and ultimately a "peace that transcends all understanding".

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  • Client rates are on a sliding scale

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