Practice Specialties

  • Abuse & Trauma
  • Christian Divorce Counseling
  • Couples Christian Counseling
  • Divorce Recovery
  • Domestic Violence Christian Counseling
  • Grief and Bereavement Christian Counseling
  • Marriage and Family Christian Counseling
  • Pornography and Sexual Addictions
  • Premarital Counseling
  • Sex and Intimacy Christian Counseling
  • Stress Anxiety Depression Christian Counseling
  • Teen Christian Counseling


Elbow Tree Christian Counseling is a mom and pop counseling shop of the north Florida coast of Saint Augustine. Elbow Tree was first established in 2006 on the Southside of Chattanooga, TN at the foot of Lookout Mountain by some dear friends and colleagues, Greg and April Seymour.

Recently I planted my own counseling practice right here in Saint Augustine, Florida. While our practices share a name, some familiar branding, a similar ethos and language, they are two very distinct counseling practices, each independently owned and operated.

I'm a Flagler College alumnus ('95) and recently moved back to Saint Augustine with my wife and our three children. I started my own practice, Elbow Tree Christian Counseling, because I wanted to paint the walls my own color, bring my dog to the office and wear flip flops!

Why I Became a Professional Christian Therapist

The way we see it around here, counseling from a Christian world view is a process in which the counselor and the client walk together towards the full, free and meaningful life that God offers through the person of Jesus Christ.

The primary goals are 1) to “reframe” uncomfortable, distressing or perplexing situations into opportunities for healing, growth, change and restoration 2) give some real, practical, doable steps to take and 3) orient people towards a much larger story that is unfolding alongside their own

Client Payment Information

  • Client rates are on a sliding scale

Therapists on Staff

Hayne Steen
Hayne Steen

Hayne Steen

For 20 years, I've loved working with every angle of the family. Over the last 6 years, if you looked at my schedule on any given day, you'd probably see a few married couples, some exhausted and burnt-out parents, a college student, a 4th-12th grader, someone having an affair, someone who has been crushed by a loss or a person who is wrestling through their attraction to the same gender. I often find that a person's willingness to come in and simply talk about things creates at least 50% of the change they are looking for.

I decided years ago to work with a very broad range of situations, because I love the variety. Whatever it is that brings you in, my two goals are to help you clearly understand why it is happening and what to do about it.

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