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At this time during the Pandemic March 2020 -June 2020 as we work hard doing all we can to bring down the numbers of those coming down with the Corona Virus, I am working from home and I am using TeleHealth Face to Face online through my secure website Simple Practice. I have been using TeleHealth for about 2 years with clients in Northern California so I know it can work very well.

I am offering, for those who sign up to work with me for their therapy needs, a no cost walk through so you understand and see for yourself how TeleHealth works. This will be the initial 100% no cost 15 - 30 minute session to get you aquainted with me as well as TeleHealth Face to Face therapy. I am currently working with individuals and I am trying it out with couples for the first time. So far it is working but it also depends on the dynamics and needs of each couple.

I attended Bethany University majoring in Bible and minoring in music. I married and raised 3 children. Later, understanding my passion in working with people in emotional pain as well those desiring spiritual growth, I went back to college and graduated from California State University, Sacramento with a B.A. in Psychology and a M.S. in Marriage Family Child Counseling. I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist; MFC #47147.

I specialize in working with teens and families in crisis. I see children and adults in individual, couple or family therapy. I am certified as a facilitator for Parent Project: parenting class for those parenting children displaying distructive behavior. Certified SPSP (Shared Parenting) therapist: helping divorced parents develop new healthy comunication patterns as they learn to co-parent. I help youth and adults adjust and manage their lives through life transitions, grief and loss, stress, trauma, anxiety, depression, anger and the blending of families. I facilitate families as they together co-author functional action plans to reunify and reconcil their differences. I have training and experience in working with domestic violence, sexual assault, juvenile delinquency, run away and impulsive behaviors, couples relational and communication issues and problem gambling. I am contracted with the state of California Office of Problem Gambling and there is state funded counseling available through me for gamblers and those affected by a gambler at no cost to you.

I have been trained in Mediation, working previously with collaborative divorce as a divorce coach and parent/child coach. I have worked with the judicial system especially in the area of parenting before, during and after divorce.

I am a trained volunteer Chaplain and was a public speaker for "Courage Worldwide"; working with Courage House and educating the local communities about the crime of youth sex trafficking and how it is impacting our families and lives locally. I am also an active trained volunteer for WEAVE; Women Escaping A Violent Environment: I worked on the crisis line, in the Safe House and on the Sexual Assault Response Team.

Why I Became a Professional Christian Therapist

I am a Christian who became a Therapist. My ethical values, my hope, faith and care for others all come from my relationship with my one and only Savior. In some cases I am only the holder of Hope for my clients when they are having a hard time finding the Hope for themselves. For my Savior I know there is no such thing as impossible and I love seeing how He works in the midst of the hardest of situations.

I serve all people from all walks of life and if my clients want their faith to be instrumental in their healing process, it comes from my clients desire for their session not mine. I may suggest tools of faith but it is up to the client as to what they want to try or not. I do not impose my faith or assume we share the same faith. We discover together what they want in the way of spiritual help and if I offer what they want and whether we are a good fit.

One thing I have found in my study into different types of therapeutic modalities is that some of the greatest working exercises did not come from the creation of man as they are found in scripture that was spoken thousands of years before man decided it was a good idea to use them as tools for mental health healing.

God gave man doctors and He gave man therapists and psychiatrists as well. He was all about relationship from the very beginning and as we share one with the other and look to Him for wisdom and answers they are there for the finding.
I absolutely love what I do and plan on continuing till the day I am called home. What an amazing journey and I am more then happy to share with you.

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