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I am a licensed Professional Counselor with 35 years of experience in addictions and mental health. I have a Masters Degree in Human Relations from Oklahoma University. I have published 14 books on addiction and codependency. My primary area of focus is the families affected by a spouse or parent's addiction. I do nation wide workshops and am now doing virtual workshops on the topics of Addiction, Codependency, Grief, Trauma, and Communication.

My Christian Faith and My Professional Practice

My personal motto is "If you have faith as small as a mustard seed nothing will be impossible for you." This was not always so. I had a great deal of difficulty believing for a number of year due to my abusive childhood in an alcoholic home. I was blessed with a mother who was a strong believer in our God and her faith carried me through until I could find my own. I believe strongly that God can take all things and make them work together for good. Even if one's pain at the moment seems too overwhelming to trust our God. He will provide if we let Him.

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