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Keller, Texas, US

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We are devoted therapists who love our jobs! As lifelong learners, we are constantly growing, and strive to bring our clients not only the best care psychology can offer, but real relationships where you can feel at ease.

We are proud of our training, including in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) recognized by the International Center for Excellence in EFT (ICEEFT), and faith-integrated care from Divine Mercy University, a Catholic-Christian university dedicated to the scientific study of psychology integrated with a Catholic-Christian view of the human person. While not spiritual advisors, we accompany others as they integrate the mysteries of faith with the certainties of life.

We believe that a good relationship is foundational to good therapy, and have learned that relationships are stronger when we lean in with compassion and curiosity.

We are pro-relationship, and believe the science that says it is written into our brains and bodies to feel pain and distress when we are disconnected from those we love. At Sacred Ground Psychotherapy, your story is important and you do not need to hold it alone. Let us help you feel more peace, resilience, and connection in your everyday life.

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