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  • Empty Nest Anxiety and Depression
  • Family Counseling
  • Grief and Bereavement Counseling
  • Individual Counseling
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Premarital Counseling
  • Women's Issues and Concerns


Soulfully Connected Counseling is a small private practice with a clinical staff that consists of owner/clinical director Christy Birgen, LPC and LMFT, Cara Charanza, LMFT Associate, and Abi Bryant, graduate student counselor who is completing her internship with the practice as part of her Masters program for Marriage and Family counseling. We offer counseling with a Christian worldview for individuals, couples, and families.

We believe that God created us for connection and that most, if not all, distress stems from unhealthy or disconnected relationships with God, others, or self. Our approach combines the science of attachment theory, the power of the human emotional experience, and the foundational principles and biblical truths of the Christian faith. Our counselors seek to understand what the client's interactions and patterns look like in relationships, then help them find new ways of interacting and being in relationship that bring connection and closeness with loved ones.

My Christian Faith and My Professional Practice

Soulfully Connected Counseling was created to provide compassionate and skilled care to people who are walking through a difficult season. We believe that Jesus is the ultimate "change agent" and our hope is that He uses us in that process. We integrate our Christian Worldview at our client's leading and offer a safe space for our clients to freely express their faith and the impact it has on their well-being and their relationships.

Therapists on Staff

Abi Bryant
Cara Charanza
Christy Birgen
Abi Bryant

Abi Bryant

Graduate Student Counselor
Abi has been with the practice since January this year as she completes her practicum and internship requirements for her Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Clients love her warmth, genuineness, and care. Abi meets with Christy on a weekly basis for supervision as she learns, seeks guidance, and grows as a counselor.

Abi has a passion for families in ministry, special needs families, and relationships. Her approach to therapy pulls from systemic and person-centered approaches to therapy, with a Christian background. She believes that each person was created in a unique and individual way by God, and our experiences through family, community, and relationships shapes who we are. She views therapy as a safe and comfortable environment in which the client and therapist work towards peace and hope.

Ab offers free premarital counseling.
Cara Charanza

Cara Charanza

LMFT Associate
Cara's approach to counseling is systemic and grounded in attachment theory, a Christian worldview, and the power of emotions that serve as our compass. She believes each person is unique, created by God, highly valued, and can overcome hardships, pain, and despair.

Cara's focus and passion is relationships. Pulling from attachment theory, Cara knows that humans are created for connection and our emotions, unlike our thoughts, never lie to us. Emotions orient us to our present experience. In your time together, Cara will work collaboratively with you to explore how thoughts, beliefs, and emotions impact personal well-being and the health of relationships. Her goal is to come alongside her clients in their journey toward a brighter tomorrow.

Cara is trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy, which is considered the Gold standard for couples
Christy Birgen

Christy Birgen

LPC, LMFT; Owner/Clinical Director
Christy wholeheartedly believes that God created us as relational beings. As such, when our relationships are not well, we are not well. We are healthy and able to live a life that thrives when we feel safe, known, and loved by others. Yet, sin is in the world and we are fallen humans, which means sometimes our relationships are not all that we hope they can be.

Her approach to therapy is grounded in the emotional human experience, with a Christian framework. Christy's style combines the science of attachment theory, the power of emotion as a change agent, and integration of psychological, social, and spiritual dimensions. She views counseling as a safe place of acceptance and compassion where client and therapist work together to bring the client back to their personal and relational place of hope and well-being.

Christy is trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy, which is considered the Gold standard for couples therapy.

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