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Practice Specialties

  • Abandonment Difficulties
  • Abortion Recovery
  • Abuse and Trauma
  • Chronic or Terminal Illness Counseling
  • Couples Counseling
  • Ex-Relationship Adjustments
  • Life Coaching
  • Premarital Counseling
  • Sex and Intimacy
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Women's Issues and Concerns


Tracey Nguyen, MN, RN, Holistic Nurse Psychotherapist

True Health Counselling specializes in narcissism, narcissistic abuse, dissociation, borderline personality and codependency.
We work with a complex trauma-informed, relationship dynamics and family systems lens. With a client-centred and holistic approach, we work with Jungian, Gestalt, spiritual and Christian values when looking at your issues.

In unravelling the stress, anxiety, depression addictions and chronic illness in all areas of your life, we can help you resolve the root causes by understanding them. We help you heal and improve your relationships and fulfillment in family, love and work with effective healing and actions you can take moving forward.

We look at the unconscious behavioural and relationship patterns and cultivate awareness to shed the ego and integrate parts of the self back to wholeness and home to your true self.

My Christian Faith and My Professional Practice

Building trust in God is my rest and healing sanctuary, when I align with the truth of how he Graces me, how he is my provider and when I trust in his way and in his divine time, I feel safe. I can express and rest in his embrace.

Putting God in my relationships has helped me shed unhelpful traits of narcissism and codependency because when we truly align with him, the soul is awakened, the body is rested and heals itself. I took a leap of faith and transitioned from working as a nurse into a flourishing private practice and I continue to expand his word through me into the world.

I would be privileged to guide you back home to your true self.

Client Payment Information

  • Accepts insurance
  • Client rates are on a sliding scale

Therapists on Staff

Dong Oh
Tracey Nguyen
Dong Oh

Dong Oh

I am a compassionate and enlightened healer, well-versed in the profound impact of trauma. My expertise lies in guiding individuals through the treacherous territory of narcissistic abuse, debilitating social anxiety, destructive family conflicts, and the complexities of codependency.

From the tender years of my upbringing, I immersed myself in the sanctity of the church, diligently attending morning services throughout my schooling. The timeless wisdom of Christianity and the bedrock of faith have become the very essence of my therapeutic approach, imbuing it with profound depth and spiritual resonance.

I am here to empower you, awaken the dormant strength within, and guide you toward cultivating healthier relationship dynamics and forging unshakeable boundaries. I implore you to embrace the unfathomable potential that resides within your being, as well as the unwavering belief in a higher power, God, to ignite your spirit and propel you toward a life of unparalleled fulfillment
Tracey Nguyen

Tracey Nguyen

Tracey Nguyen is a holistic nurse psychotherapist. She helps clients heal relationship dynamics involving narcissism and codependency through complex trauma-informed psychotherapy, and embodiment through the faith and lens of God.

She has experience in helping individuals and couples heal relationships and intergenerational trauma, work/business stress and chronic illness. She guides you back into your true self in an embodied way.

If you are suffering from control, narcissism, dependency and work stress, Tracey can help you align and come back home to your true self. Through the right guidance of complex trauma-informed psychotherapy, somatic mindfulness and god-centred spirituality, your healing and transformation await you.

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