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Practice Specialties

  • Anger Management
  • Blended Family Counseling
  • Career Counseling
  • Christian Divorce Counseling
  • Church Conflict Christian Counseling
  • Church Conflict Counseling
  • Counseling for Seniors
  • Counseling to Pastors and Wives
  • Couples Christian Counseling
  • Couples Counseling
  • Depression Stress and Anxiety Therapy
  • Divorce and Remarriage Counseling
  • Divorce Prevention
  • Divorce Recovery
  • Domestic Violence Christian Counseling
  • Empty Nest Anxiety and Depression
  • Leadership and/or Executive Coaching
  • Leadership and/or Executive Consulting
  • Marriage and Family Christian Counseling
  • Marriage and Family Counseling
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Premarital Counseling
  • Seniors Adults and Young Adlutls
  • Sex and Intimacy Christian Counseling
  • Sex and Intimacy Counseling
  • Stewardship and Finance
  • Stress Anxiety Depression Christian Counseling
  • Teen Christian Counseling
  • Teen Counseling


Servicing the Church since 1983
Founders: Drs. Peter Robbins, Ph.D. & Kevin Downing, Ph.D.
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This option has been extended to include first-time clients as well as current clients due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

We have multiple therapists in multiple areas. Call 800-998-6329 to find a Christian Therapist near you.

Struggling With...
~ Marital Conflict
~ Being on the brink of divorce
~ Out of control children or teens
~ Depression and hopelessness
~ Fear and anxiety
~ Addictions
~ Life stress

We Can Help...
~ Connecting with your spouse
~ Restoring the hope for your marriage
~ Communicate with your teen
~ Lifting the burden of depression
~ Calming your fears and asserting yourself
~ Breaking free from your addictions
~ Give hope and tools for life's stresses

Why I Became a Professional Christian Therapist

TPC has been changing lives through Christian Counseling since 1983 in the Southern California area! We are dedicated to providing psychotherapy with a Biblical approach by integrating prayer, Biblical principles and the Word of God through scripture in our sessions. We have a staff of therapists that have a heart for God and desires to bring healing to those in need by providing ~ Tender Help for Tough Problems.

OUR FOUNDERS - Dr. Peter Robbins and Dr. Kevin Downing met in college, became friends and eventually ministry partners. After several years of being co- youth pastors and seeing firsthand the need for quality professional Christian counseling they went back to school and attained their degrees from Fuller Theological Seminary in Psychology. January 1983 Turning Point Counseling was born and has been going strong ever since. God has healed many marriages, families, and hurting people through the work at Turning Point Counseling.

OUR VISION - Turning Point Counseling's vision/mission is to serve the Body of Christ by Restoring the Saints, Growing the Church and Supporting Leadership. Our desire is to bring emotional, relational, and spiritual health to those inside and outside the Body of Christ. It is our commitment to distinguish our ministry through integrity, excellence, and accountability. "To Revolutionize the Quality of Family Life Worldwide" - has always been the desire of Drs. Robbins and Downing to help families, marriages, and individuals heal and be whole.

OUR MISSION - "We are committed to the ministry of reconciling, restoring and equipping the saints for the work of the ministry through a tri-fold effort of prevention, training, and care. We consecrate ourselves to a ministry distinguished by integrity, excellence, and accountability."

OUR EXPERIENCE - TPC has quite a reputation in Southern California. In the early part of 1990, our Co-Founders hosted a radio show on KKLA (99.5 FM) called Journey of the Heart for a 9-year run. They interviewed hundreds of authors and guests on topics such as faith, parenting, marriage, communication, finance, and just about any topic concerning families, marriages and individual lives. In March of 2011, they were back on the air live on the FRANK PASTORE SHOW talking about “The Four Conflict Styles in Marriage” and several other times throughout the year. TPC continues to have a presence on the KKLA station and in southern California.

OUR BELIEF - We're glad you wondered about our beliefs. Our faith matters to us and we believe it makes the difference in our services. We ensure that each of our professional therapists is well-grounded in their faith and are involved in a local Christian fellowship. It's so easy to begin your journey to emotional, relational, or spiritual health.

Client Payment Information

  • Accepts insurance
  • Client rates are on a sliding scale

Therapists on Staff

Dr. Kevin Downing, Ph.D.
Dr. Peter Robbins, Ph.D.
Dr. Kevin Downing, Ph.D.

Dr. Kevin Downing, Ph.D.

Dr. Downing enjoys helping couples resolve their conflicts, attain peace, safety and intimacy. He has many years of experience in treating anxiety, depression, and drug, alcohol, and addiction problems. Dr. Downing has been an enormous help to women who find themselves in abusive relationships.
Dr. Peter Robbins, Ph.D.

Dr. Peter Robbins, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist, LMFT, Financial Advisor
Dr. Robbins is the Emergency Room Marital Therapist. What does that mean? Dr. Robbins specializes in bringing couples back from the brink of divorce. The type of therapy needed for those who are seriously considering divorce is very different from your typical marital therapy. It's direct. It's concise. It's active. Having worked with couples for over 40 years, he is well versed with the challenges of changing the course of a wayward marriage. Often, finances are a part of the problem, if not at the core of the problem. In fact, poor financial management has been deemed as the number one cause of divorce by many divorce studies. As a financial advisor, he brings his expertise to these challenges as well. Often, Dr. Robbins is the person couples go to when "all other things have failed."

In addition, Dr. Robbins specializes in working with parents of out-of-control children, teens, and under-functioning young adults.. When parents are bombarded with conflicting advice about how to de

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