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Eaton Coaching and Life Celebrations

Mesa, Arizona 85210
When Jesus talks about the "abundant life" in John 10:10, what's the picture that comes to your mind? How abundant does your life seem? What's missing for you? Many people have invited Jesus into their heart and mind yet have not experienced a sense of transformation. They know they are loved by God, but they do not feel loved. They deeply desire to live their life and serve God out of a sense of purpose and passion, but they can't seem to sustain it. They want to be available... More »

David C. Hubbard, Ph.D., P.L.C.

Mesa, Arizona 85204
I received my Ph.D. in 1981 and have been licensed to practice in Arizona since 1991. I've been helping individuals and couples with a variety of problems including: depression, anxiety, trauma related problems, stress management, anger management, relationship issues, marital issues, etc .As I see it, psychotherapy is a partnership between the therapist and the client. The client sets the agenda, the therapist provides methods and together they discuss alternatives and explore... More »

Christian Coaching and Counseling

Mesa, Arizona 85212
Jen attended Arizona State University for her undergraduate degree, and obtained her masters in Professional Counseling from Grand Canyon University. She is a fully Licensed Professional Counselor with the State of Arizona Board of Behavior Health (LPC). She has been an active therapist in private practice since 2013 and Iaunched the Remodeled Life Program in 2021.

Jen’s approach is to help you get to know yourself — your feelings, wounds, challenges, wants, needs and preferences —... More »

Jamar Pruitt

Mesa, Arizona 85206
Jamar Pruitt, MA, LAC, LASAC
Welcome!! I received my Masters in Counseling from Phoenix Seminary. I utilize an eclectic approach centered around a Cognitive Behavioral, person-centered, and solution focused strategy. I have experience with clients ranging from adolescence to the elderly, families and couples. My specialization is working with serious mental illness and substance abuse. I rely on compassion, empathy, and non judgment to respectfully approach complex situations. I... More »

Family Strategies Counseling Center

Mesa, Arizona 85210
We provide counseling services that are both clinically based and congruent with Biblical teaching. We provide both live and tele-therapy services for individuals, adolescents, family and couples counseling. We manage a number of specialty programs for Pornography Addiction, Betrayal Trauma, grieving, Life Skills, and Marriage Enhancement. See our website for details.


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