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Aspire Counseling

Abbotsford, British Columbia V2S 0J7
I am a passionate follower of Christ and believe that true healing and wholeness can only come from the source that created us: God.
I am well versed in CBT and intertwine scripture with psychology often throughout my sessions. Prayer is so vital and also something I will offer to those I am working with.

Phoenix Soars Counselling Services

Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 3P6
My name is Kristie De Jong and I specialize in PTSD and trauma. I tend to use a variety of therapeutic modalities, depending on the needs of my clients. That being said, one of my main modalities is Observed and Experiential Integration which is a trauma processing therapy that seeks to heal the root wounds so that the traumatic events lose their ability to continually impact my clients. My theoretical orientation is such that there are traumatic roots that underpin most of the mental... More »


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