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Turning Point Counseling

Los Alamitos, California 90720
My areas of focus are as follows: Postpartum depression, Infertility, Abortion Loneliness, Crisis pregnancies, Anxiety, Blended family,Infidelity, Marital/premarital, Communication, ?Parenting, Life transitions, Depression, Self esteem, Trauma, Grief and loss, Codependency, Women’s issues, Relationship issues, Anger management .

I am skilled in working with couples, individuals and children.I have spent many years helping families and young children... More »

Dr. Charles H. Browning, Ph.D.

Los Alamitos, California 90720
MEET DR. BROWNING: "My passion is to help men, women and couples break free of some very heavy and painful chains in their personal lives, and to learn how to replace negative "stinkin' thinkin'" with the wisdom that leads to deep and lasting peace - for them personally, and in their love relationships. We do this in what we call The Mindset-Reset Solution Therapy ®. Therapy." Throughout my career as a therapist I've observed that many forms of counseling produce changes that don't... More »


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