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Abundant Life Therapy

Los Angeles, California 90025
I’ve had the privilege of providing therapy for the past eight years, since graduating from Regent University with a master’s degree in counseling. I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in the State of California and a Certified Eating Disorders Specialist - Supervisor, and I have specialties in eating disorders, Christian-informed therapy, depression and anxiety.

My mission in life is to be a catalyst for others’ hope and healing. I’ve seen life be messy, painful, chaotic,... More »

Embark Therapy

Los Angeles, California 90025
We find ourselves in exciting times where therapy and mental health are being openly discussed.
However, while these conversations have started, there is still a long way to go towards understanding.
In these fast-paced times, we’ve become so used to finding quick and easy answers.
Anxiety. Depression. Shouldn’t there be an instant fix for those too?

Not so.
Symptoms aren’t always enemies to be vanquished as quickly as possible.
They can be messengers alerting us of deeper... More »


Los Angeles, California 90036
*Be more Conscious *Become Whole *Be Who You Seek to Be! Life is often challenging and finding a well matched professional is tough. I hold a California License in Marriage Family Therapy, an undergraduate degree in Economics and Philosophy, a Masters in Clinical Psychology and Counseling, all from the University of Southern California. As a Jungian Analyst in-training (IAAP), most of my clients seek analytical help with life transitions: Mid-life & Quarter-life stresses, and the... More »


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