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Reema Takla, LMFT, EMDR

Placentia, California 92870
*** Currently Taking NEW Clients Through the COVID-19 Pandemic***
I am here to help you change your life! I provide an empathetic, non-judgemental and caring therapeutic approach. My goal is to help you reduce symptoms and gain positive change.

Are you feeling anxious, sad, lonely, and struggle with loss of motivation? Are you having boundary issues, relationship issues, work problems, gender identity, culture issues, and/or immigration struggles. I am passionate about working with... More »

Bridges Christian Counseling - Katina Laib, LMFT

Placentia, California 92870-6105
Do you struggle with overwhelming emotions? Maybe you are frozen by anxiety or overrun by worries you can't control. Or you feel so numb, empty and hopeless that you can't concentrate or work. These emotions cause you to snap at others or retreat so that your relationships are not what you want them to be. In our sessions, you will learn what keeps you stuck and identify new ways thinking and behaving so you can move forward. You will also learn what to do when you are feeling intense... More »


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