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Rhythms of the Soul

Riverside, California 92504
Jennifer Jackson is the owner of Rhythms of the Soul Coaching Services. She is a Certified Christian Life Coach. She is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and Certified through the International Board of Christian Care and the Board of Christian Life Coaches. In addition, she is a certified Pause Breathwork Facilitator, a Prepare and Enrich Facilitator and a Christian Codependnacy Facilitator.

She specializes in helping individuals identify unhealthy... More »

Stewart Family Counseling

Riverside, California 92504
The division between psychology and faith is a false construct. God created the mind and never intended for us to not explore its functioning and power. You should not have to choose between pastoral counseling or professional counseling if there is a need for both. My practice incorporates the whole human being so that all aspects are functioning in a healthy way, the way God intended.

I have graduate training in Psychology and have been in the field as a licensed psychotherapist... More »

Kim Swanson, LMFT

Riverside, California 92507
Not currently accepting new clients.

I specialize in healing complex trauma/PTSD, childhood abuse, attachment, complex grief, anxiety & Dissociative Identity Disorder.

The treatment approach I use is Comprehensive Resource Model, a CUTTING-EDGE advanced treatment for trauma, abuse, PTSD, DID, grief, anxiety, panic attacks, depression and addiction. Are you feeling anxious, find yourself getting angry, upset or depressed easily? Ever become "frozen" and unable to do the simplest... More »


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